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The Accounts Payable module makes vendor account management easier for your and your business. Invoices can be manually posted to a vendor's account through this module or can be updated from the Purchase Orders module. You can pay off as many invoices as you like with one check. Custom check formats can be created through the Modify Reports program of System Administrator. You can view the current status of any vendor at any time or view a vendor's history. For optimal cash management, the program can produce an aging/forecasting report detailing the amounts owed in each of 5 user-defined brackets.

Accounts Payable can be used stand-alone, or can interact with other modules as needed. Purchase Orders can create invoices in Accounts Payable for received goods; Job Cost can apply payables data to specific work orders and functions; General Ledger can be updated with invoice and check data; and Bank Reconciliation can gather checks from Accounts Payable.


  • Handles multiple cash accounts
  • Processes checks on an individual or batch basis
  • Pays invoices automatically on a user-defined basis
  • Credit invoices can be applied against future balances
  • Provides an on-screen aging to help you plan future cash needs
  • Keeps track of recurring charges
  • Stores and prints each vendor's tax identification number
  • Stores and prints your account number with each vendor
  • Web site and email address can be retained for each vendor
  • Option to post and pay invoices in one step
  • Prints 1099-MISC forms
  • The amount of data you retain is limited only by the size of your hard drive